Regenera Activa

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Regenera Activa

 Regenera Activa is a technique for restoring degenerated hair root cells to be in normal condition with naturally. Increased volume and strength by using stem cells from your own hair cells to stimulate new hair root cells generation. To solve hair loss and thinning hair problem.

Regenera Activa or Rigenera Activa is a name of a tool. That utilizing Autologous Micrografting Technology® consisted of 600 micro blades in the shape of hexagonal with diameter of 80 microns.

It cuts tissues into fine pieces. And this technique requires biopsy to gain small pieces of scalp consisted of hair root cells and fat tissues.

Subsequently, cells will be separated by using Regenera. And those cells consist of stem cells from hair roots and progenitor cells in fat tissues under scalp with the function to generate blood vessels as well as extracellular matrix and Growth factors.

We utilize these elements for treatment by injected them back into the areas with the problems on hair loss and thinning hair.

These cells will do their part as messengers to stimulate hair root cells in treated area to cause hair root cell division and generate new hair.

by Dr. Jarasnat Lortaraprasert and Dr. Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul

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