Proven results and natural hair return that you can actually experience.

Why MHC?


Why chooses MHC

We are a surgery center that specializes solely in hair transplant. We are committed to developing techniques and expertise of our team to deliver the best hair transplant surgery.

The experience and expertise of our team at Million Hairtransplant Center are evident with more than 13,000 patients and more than 20 million grafts having been transplanted. We perform about 2-3 hair transplant surgeries a day.

  • We perform hair transplant in a speedy manner so that the grafts do not stay outside patient’s body for too long.At present, we transplant 1,000 grafts in 2 hours. 2,000 grafts in 3 and a half hours- 4 hours. 3,000 grafts are done within 4 and a half hours – 5 hours, 4,000 grafts within 5 and a half hours – 6 hours. Eyebrow hair transplant takes only 1 and a half hour to 2 hours. Eyelash hair transplant takes only 1 hour. The less time we use, the more chance of grafts surviving.
  • We design hair line and assess the number of grafts considering the most natural results. We have TrichoScan® to calculate donor density so we can plan precisely to suit each patient.
  • We have more than 10 types of FUE tools to choose from to suit each patient’s hair and scalp condition such as ARTAS, Cole System (PCID, MPCID, CDD Vortex), S.A.F.E. System, WAW System, Trivellini, Gramax™, S.A.F.E.R., UGraft etc.
  • Our clinic has the same contamination control and infection prevention standards as the hospital.
  • We provide candid recommendations on hair transplant so that every patient understands and can decide whether to undergo the surgery or to treat it him/herself at home.
  • We take responsibility and care for every patient after hair transplant surgery. We provide post-surgery services without additional charges (except some medicines).