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Expenses Calculation for Hair Transplant


Expenses of hair transplantation (FUT , FUE , ARTAS ROBOT)   is calculated based on the number of required grafts. Prior actual operation of any hair transplantation, it is necessary to draw out the area to be transplanted, measure its size, and plan the procedures of hair transplantation by considering on hair density upon each location.   

To measure the size of transplanted site, we are required to use the specific technique for detailed measurement because the site’s shape is normally in free form not geometric shape.  

The Site’s Example Figure
*Results may vary from person to person
*Results may vary from person to person

(Generally, sizes and shapes of humans’ heads are various therefore estimation based on photos may be incorrect.) 

After obtaining the number of grafts, the unit price will be calculated and such unit price is subject to the cost of technique and devices as charged by MHC.

Besides the special solutions for preserving hair roots, there are also other solutions and special processes used in stimulating hair growth, for example, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), LLLT (Low level LASER Therapy).  

All devices and special solutions selected by our clinic are the same types used by several leading hair transplant clinics. Consequently, our clients can be confident that they will get the same standard as provided by those leading clinics throughout the world.   


    • Within 2 weeks after reservation is made, deposit at least 30,000 Bahts will be required in order to confirm booking. Then attach your transfer receipt  to [email protected] or 099-445-1424 or Line ID : millionhairclinic
    • Customer can book any available date for the operation which is not over than 6 months after deposit is made.
    • After deposit is made, if customer would like to postpone the appointment, please inform us in advance at least 14 days before operation date.
    • Date change will be allowed only 2 times.
    • If customer misses the appointment because of health problem, please give us medical certification in order to postpone the operation date.

We reserve the right not to return the deposit if customer can not do as conditions mentioned above. Bank transfer, Cash or Credit card