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FUT or Strip Harvest Technique


FUT or Strip Harvest Technique

 is a standard hair transplant technique that has been preferred by physicians throughout the world. It is a method of hair transplant conducted by stripping scalp skin  at the back of the head where strongest follicular units are, causing linear scar. The length of such scar is upon the size of demanded number of grafts.

Hair transplant procedures

An outline is marked by surgeon where the new hairline will be created.

The permanent hair zone is selected and the hair is taped so after surgery the wound will be hidden

The selected hairs are shaved and the outline of strip is marked. The donor site is anesthetized and tumescent fluid is injected to plump up the skin in order to avoid causing damage to nerves, vessels and hair shafts.

Open technique donor harvesting is applied using 4x prismatic loupes.

Donor site is closed by retention suture and superficial running stitches. Sutures are typically removed approximately 7-14 days after the hair transplant surgery.

Donor strip.

Piece of donor strip is slivered into thinner slices.

After given local anesthesia, the balding recipient area is ready for a hair transplant. Tiny incisions are made in the recipient areas in irregular patterns that mimic nature. The follicular unit grafts will then be placed carefully into these tiny incisions.

Nerve block to numb the transplanted area by injecting local anesthetics around the main nerve trunk.

Follicular unit grafts are gently placed into the recipient incisions.

  • Two-hand technique insertion minimizes crushing of grafts.
  • Stick-and-place technique is applied at the end of procedure to add up the density.
  • Implanter insertion minimizes crushing of grafts.

After finish, final check is done to make sure every graft properly positioned and elastic headband is placed at forehead to prevent facial swelling.