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Currently, we divide permanent hair transplant techniques into 2 main techniques (according to bring hair root from posterior hairline or other areas such as beard, torso) as follows:

1. Strip Harvest Technique or FUT, FUG : It is the technique of dissecting strip from posterior hairline and closing the incision then the strips of hair-bearing tissue will be separated to obtain the desired focilicles by using stereomicroscope or magnifying Loop. The details of dissection and separation may be varied for each area. For Million hair, we will do silvering with the obtained tissue before using stereomicroscope for separating follicles out of the strip. This process has to be performed by experts in order to protect follicles from injury and provide high level of survival after transplanting.

2. FUE (Follicular unit extraction technique):  Since there are some customers who are afraid of surgery and incision plus with the problem of insufficient experience of physician on surgery, this FUE technique was developed.

FUE is the tecnique of using an instrument asembling syringe but the tip of this instrument is not sharp with the appearance of small cylinder in the size from 0.8 mm. to 1.1 mm. The physician will use this instrument to extract individual follicles. Currently, there are several FUE instruments available in market and new transplant techniques are called according to their instruments. Some instruments are able to operate incision and extraction together and such instruments are also called FUE. In addition, there is also the development of using robot to extract follicles in the future.

Differences of theses two techniques

There is no technique or method with no disadvantage therefore, customers shall consider pros and cons of such method or technique before making any decision.


  1.  It is a knid of surgery with dissection and incision.
  2. The incision is closed wound therefore the possibility of infection is less than 1%.
  3. Donor scar is thin linear.
  4. From the interview, customer may feel pain for 1-2 days after surgery. Customers are able to hide the scar by wearing long hair. The posterior hairline may be localizedly shaved for donor site.
  5. We use high power magnification and a single blade scalpel to carefully excise margins of strip and skilled staff to prepare grafts with microscopes.
  6. It is neccessary to use large amount of experts, approximately 6-8 persons/customer.
  7. The physician should be a surgeon who is skillful on safety surgery because there are several amount of blood vessel around our head.
  8. After comparing graft volume with operation duration, the duration of operation is shorter.
  9. This technique can be performed in large volume, for example, ovr than 2500 grafts (Megasession)

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction Technique)

  1. This technique is microdiscection without any incision.
  2. The incision is open wound that can be infected easily.
  3. The scar is in the form of a point with the approximate size of 1 mm., spreading extensively around posterior hairline.
  4. From the interview, they feel the pain for the first 2-3 days then the wound turns to be itchy and scabby.
  5. Customer has to shave at the posterior hairline with the larger size than strip Harvest technique. If it is necessary to transplant in large area, customer will be suggested to shave all hair.
  6. Grafts are extracted by blind technique therefore it is possible to make focilicle injured. In addition, the procedures of transplanting may cause damage to grafts as well.